Welcome to Simply Sweet Scrapping! This blog was created to share a variety of craft ideas focusing mainly on paper crafts. I have been interested in crafts and art since I was a young girl and have tried everything from crochet to rock carving. With the new explosion of interest in scrapbooking and card making, I have happily jumped on that bandwagon. I like to use a variety of mediums and tools when crafting. I bought a Cricut a few years ago and fell in love with it! After a small learning curve it has become an essential tool in my arsenal. My husband is handy in woodworking and can build almost anything. I love to have him help me with my creations.

I do not claim to be the originator of any of these projects. I find ideas from a variety of sources, sometimes making changes, combining them with other ideas, or coming up with something unique. I hope that these projects inspire you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am really excited that I have some new Blog followers. I added a couple links to the cupcake stand post. If you click on these it will bring up a PDF of the instructions. There are two pages so click both links.

I am still trying to figure out formatting on this blog, I hope it doesn't take me too long. I have some new projects that I am working on and trying to post. My 16-month old has been a little demanding lately so I have had a hard time working on the computer. Hopefully I should have a little more time.

Thanks everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Luau Party

For my Daughter's first birthday we had a luau beach party. I had a lot of fun making up the invitations and decorations. When I was taking pictures, I accidently hit the landscape button on my camera so none of my pictures came out great - Wahhhh!

I made these large wooden surfboard using the Cricut and an art projector. I used the Cricut pens and drew out the images of the surfboards. I used the projector to enlarge them and trace them on a piece of plywood. My Husband cut them out with a jigsaw. I painted the surboard area with cheap acrylic paint. I used cheap paer and cut out the turtle, letters, number, and flower layers. I used them like a stencil and painted them on the surfboard.

I love making banners, they are easy an add a lot of fun to a party.

I found some really cute fabric with turtles and ocean life in the party colors. I stiched up the sides and used it as a tablecloth. I bought flower garlands and hung them all around.

These bags are the party favors. I made pink for girls and blue for boys. I made these little Honus for each kid. I am only medicocre at sewing but these were pretty easy. I filled them with dolly pellets and a little stuffing.

Cupcake Stand

I am terrible at making cakes but I am okay at making cupcakes. I decided for my daughter’s birthday that I wanted to make cupcakes but then I got a bit carried away. My husband built a cupcake stand out of wood for me. I made decorative background strips and attached them to the stand. I also made little picks with creatures to stick in each cupcake. The theme of the party was a Luau so this is supposed to be from the floor of the ocean on the bottom level, the top of the water on the second level, the beach on the third and then the island paradise on the top tier. I made a 6” cake for the top, which fell apart and had to be patched back together with frosting. For the cupcake wrappers, I made a template on Design studio using circles, it worked but there was a bunch of paper waste. I wish they had the Easter cartridge back in September.

I wish that the picture was in better focus, I accidentally hit the landscape button on my camera and all the pictures from the party are slightly off! What a rookie mistake! I am planning on posting instructions on my blog about making the cupcake stand. It might take me a while to get all the measurements done. Thanks!

My sister-in-law used the same stand for her son's birthday. It was a cute airplane theme.

To download the directions (PDF) click both of these links:


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bath Time

These two were so cute that I had to make a page with this picture. I used the New Arrival Cartridge to cut all of the shapes. I removed the shower head from the tub by cutting it off. The plain cardstock are Stampin' Up! I love the Bashful Blue and Apricot Appeal together. I also used Barely Banana, Going Gray, and Whisper White.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Luau Beach Party Invitation

I made these invitations for my daughter’s first birthday in September. I really wanted to throw a luau but I wanted to baby it up a little bit. I used turtles and the beach theme to achieve that. I had two versions of this invitation, one I was able to flatten down so I could send it in the mail. The main difference was that I used the umbrella from the “Life is a Beach” cartridge and did not add the Styrofoam.
I wanted these to resemble a typical “beach bag”. The invitation was supposed to be a book and was in story form. I am not sure if anybody got it.
The towel is made from a terry washcloth. I cut
it into strips. I added the Styrofoam to help keep the bag open and also to support the umbrella. I hot-glued a washer on the bottom so it could stand on its own.

The umbrella is my own design. I cut two circles (~6inch and the other a little smaller). The large circle I scored so that there were eight even “pie” pieces. I then added another score to every other pie slice. I folded in the pie pieces with the extra score and then flattened it back out. I glued the paper on the umbrella and then added an eyelet in the center. I folded the pieces in making the umbrella shape. I used an 1/8th inch dowel rod for the base. I had to sand the very top to fit it through the eyelet. I added a small wood ball to the top. I used white glue to connect the ball and the eyelet to the stick.

Baby Blocks

In June, I am throwing a baby shower for my good friend. She isn’t going to find out what sex the baby is for another few weeks but I wanted to try a few ideas out. I will post more of the baby shower decorations as I make them. I am not sure whether I am going to use these blocks as part of a game or as a party favor. When I finalize them I will post an exact cutting chart.
I used Cricut Cartridges: Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More; Old West; New Arrival, Storybook, and Accent Essentials. When I have the prototype nailed down, I will post the materials that I use.